What is the best DAW for music production?

The best DAW for music production is not a certain one. It is completely dependent on the producer. Ofcourse there are DAWs that are popular and sure you can pick one of them. Most common DAWs used by producers are FL Studio, Abloton Live, Logic and Protools. There are lots of videos and tutorials related to these DAWs.

My Personal Selection for the Best DAW

According to my taste and experience best DAW is Studio One. As far as I know it is created by engineers who had created one of the most popular DAWs in the market. The difference of Studio One is that it continiously improves itself and it is the most user-friendly DAW in the market.

It has a nice community which is followed by the company guys, the requests of users are gathered and they are implemented via updates or newer versions. Everyone who uses Studio One says that it has a pretty nice workflow. It is very easy on drag & drop. You can easily reach files and plugins, you can create shortcuts and macros.

Studio One obtains the best parts of other DAWs. In any DAW what you like most, exists in Studio One or you can bet it will be added in a while.

Many top producers, mixing and mastering engineers are switching to Studio One therefore I also recommend it as the DAW which I have been using for a long time.

You can check the full version via this link or you can try a limited but free version via here.

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