Do I need to go to a school to learn music production?

Music production requires both artistic skills and also technical knowledge. Some beginners think that it is mostly related to skill but actually it is not. Even if you are an artistically talented person, you should put hard work in order to improve yourself as a producer. This hard work mean hours of learning and practice.

How can I learn how to produce music?

In this age of internet there are lots of sources that you can learn music production. Although going to a school is one of them, you don’t really have to go to school to learn how to make songs.

My Advice to Learn Music Production

At first you can start learning basic music theory as to get familiar with scales, chords, chord progressions and melodies.

Then you can study drums as to understand BPM, drum programming and groove.

Later you can study frequency spectrum and how you can fill it with different elements like drums, bass, chords, vocals, percussion and lead instruments.

Meanwhile, you should understand different types of song arrangement methods, sections of the song (i.e. intro, verse, chorus, bridge, outro), which part exists why etc.

Is it bad to go to a music school?

Going to a music school or taking private lessons is not bad, it is actually very beneficial. The point I am trying to underline is that it does not gurantee success for you. Your success is completely up to you and your discipline. If you have those, then you can achieve your goal by yourself as well.

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