B Minor (Bm) Scale and Chords in the Key of Bm

In this post you will find information about natural, melodic and harmonic scales of B minor and chords related to the given scales.

B Natural Minor Scale

B (natural) minor scale consists of notes  B, C♯, D, E, F♯, G and A. It has two sharp notes.

Chords In The Key of B Minor

The chords in the key of B minor are as follows.

B minor. Its notes are B – D – F#
C# diminished. Its notes are C# – E – G
D major. Its notes are D – F# – A
E minor. Its notes are E – G – B
F# minor. Its notes are F# – A – C#
G major. Its notes are G – B – D
A major. Its notes are A – C# – E

B Harmonic Minor Scale

In a harmonic minor scale, seventh note of the natural minor scale is raised by a half-step.

Natural B Minor Scale : B – C♯ – D – E – F♯ – G – A – B
Harmonic B Minor Scale : B – C♯ – D – E – F♯ – G – A# – B

B Melodic Minor Scale

In the melodic minor scale, you raise the sixth and seventh notes of the natural minor scale by a half step as you go up the scale and then return to the natural minor as you go down the scale.

B melodic minor scale ascending : B – C♯ – D – E – F♯ – G# – A# – B
B melodic minor scale descending: B – C♯ – D – E – F♯ – G – A – B

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